Birds singing. Calm bird sounds for free

Bird soundsListen to the birds, which will bring aesthetic pleasure, will help you relax and feel at one with nature. Magic birds singing listen online for free on all night!

Birds singing animates everything around us, in their absence - Forest seem deserted place. It has long been known that birdsong magically affects our body and soul, helping to heal from many diseases. Thus, it is believed that the body as a whole and its individual parts is subject to existing pleasant sounds begin to work in harmony, health gets better, and the soul - calmly.

Each bird sings and treats on its own. Nature "acted" very wisely, providing birds unsurpassed mechanism of sound production - a musical instrument that is designed very original. At that time, as a person is all - merely a sound source, then birds of as many as four, and their work is independent from each other. Are they at birds at the bottom of the larynx, in the place where it bifurcates into two bronchi. The result is that the vocal apparatus of birds is presented in the form of "orchestra", and with the help of the Quartet birds perform musical works - unique and unrivaled. And the highest quality birds singing (music) and video in HD on our website)

Each organ in our body is there their musical preferences and tastes (special resonance purity to which it is most sensitive). At the time when these frequencies coincide, activates the body and the body as a whole, thereby improving the livelihoods.

And every organ of the human body has its own musical tastes - especially resonant frequency to which it is very sensitive. When the frequencies match, the revitalization of the organ or system, improving their livelihoods. A person has a genetic link with the sounds of birds, from the distant past - from the time when the birds singing was the only one of its kind music on the planet - and this is one of the clues healing properties singing and abilities of birds.

Singing some birds calms a person other - elevates mood and tone, singing Third promotes sound sleep. Walk in the park and forest, choose a "cure" for the soul. The bird, which is called "cricket" in singing dominates the repetition of the same notes, and it acts on the nervous system sedative effect, lowering blood pressure, beneficial effect on the heart and removing vasospasm. In dense bush along streams and rivers continuous chirping sounds similar to those sounds that publishes grasshopper, or tapping a sewing machine - it singing Cricket - little gray bird, sufficient mobility, to see that it is not so easy .

iridescent nightingales singing will help cheer up, stimulating to action, feel the life-affirming mood as well is an excellent remedy for depressed mood, nervousness, headache. At high pressure and the excited state, take a walk in the woods next evening and listen to the pleasant singing thrushes, which is carried away through the woods.

In more and longer- Listen to the birds singing , it is free and always online . Include birds singing all night , and sleep will be strong healthy.