Sound of the forest. Free

Sound of the forestSounds of the forest have a beneficial effect on the psyche and human health - birdsong gives us the feeling of flying and joy, babbling brook relaxes and soothes, our subconscious takes us somewhere far, far away from the boring city.

In the summer, in the forest life abounds. Everywhere heard singing forest birds , scurrying through the grass in search of something edible variety of insects, and the buzz in the air industrious bees. Trees on poles running chain industrious ants, and at the same time woodpecker doing its useful work.

On the meadows under trees frolic wild little animals, and their heads with branches fray walnut husks and hats overripe acorns. It is possible that this red squirrel in the back of the crown of the tree prepares its reserves for the winter or carelessly twittering blackbirds, tits and nightingales.

Somewhere near the golf heard sound of the river , which is daily making its way through the dense thicket Forest is the fundamental source of his life. Around her are going to drink thousands of forest dwellers , and in its depths, beavers build their future and other waterfowl.

Each resident metropolis wants to plunge into this green idyll, however, not everyone has that opportunity. In this case, the lack of time on the vacation in the forest you can fill audiolizatsiey realistic sounds of the forest . With their help, you can breathe the fresh forest air and feel the fragrance of summer flowers and mentally run through the forest trails and enjoy the wonderful bird sounds.

Forest atmosphere beneficial effects on the psycho-emotional state, not only adults but also children. After sounds of nature , forests and summer atmosphere helps to soothe, relax and get a lot of energy to the next few days.