Relaxing thunderstorm sounds

Rain and thunder soundsThe best calming 3D - rain sounds with powerful thunder. Try to listen Relaxing thunderstorm sounds and rain online, having closed eyes and enjoying sounds, magic and unique after all it is nature Sounds!

« spring rain smells like hope.
There are no irreversible losses in the sediments of other seasons.
During the spring rain do not want to watch from the sidelines, immersed in an atmosphere of comfort. Under it wants to live, to love, to hope.
Read drops straying from the account of the catch tongue,
remembering the taste of freshness new pores.
Spring rain like a mint cocktail with ice cubes.
Cocktail of spring, so reminiscent of the summer ... »

Elchin Safarli, "I will be back ...", 2008

There was a muffled rumble of thunder in the distance, the crown forest trembled, swayed the trees rustled the leaves, and finally from the sky fell on the grass the first few rain . Again Sound of Thunder, was somewhere close, much louder, a bright flash of lightning flashed across the sky. All was quiet for a moment, drop by drop, and went to a warm summer rain, then calming down, and again gaining strength. How nice is at this moment somewhere in the woods, and hid under thick vegetation, to feel this atmosphere. rumbles of thunder, flashes of lightning light up the sky, the rain poured down, and you are in a comfortable and dry place and watch this beautiful, beautiful natural phenomenon. All living things in the forest hid for a while in their corners, hiding from the rain. And all vegetation - trees and grass, greedily absorb life-giving water, gain strength.

After many days of exhausting heat, how nice feel the long-awaited rain , its warm drops. Many of us love rain , it does not matter, under the open sky, or at home, warm and comfortable, watch the streams flowing down the window drops, listening to the melody of drumming on the roof and window sills rain. Whether it is quiet or drops a heavy downpour - rain soothing. And when the rain is over, everything rejoices, and the birds and plants, filled with life and freshness. And some fresh air, it became much easier to breathe. Rain brought joy!